Side Effects of Living With Scoliosis

Side Effects of Living With Scoliosis

headaches-lakelandFor those diagnosed with scoliosis the possible side effects a person experiences can range from many to almost none. Scoliosis is often associated with headaches, neck, hip, knee or leg pain due to the curvature of the spine. Difficulty breathing and sleeping along with the most common side effect of radicular (nerve pain) are a result of this condition. And if that list were not enough some patients complain of digestive problems, and menstrual irregularities plague some women with scoliosis.

It’s not surprising that the side effects of this disease worsen as a person ages affecting balance especially when a person’s eyes are closed. Low bone density results in osteopenia and osteoarthritis and is shown to be associated with this condition. In combination with balance issues scoliosis patients are at increased risk of falls and fractures as they age. Scoliosis patients with more severe cases face serious limitations and may experience difficulty walking, lifting even exercising. Even milder cases can restrict a person’s ability to perform to their full athletic ability.

A patient’s posture can be affected and the symmetrical appearance of the body is noticeable. Some cases of scoliosis can lead to imbalances in the appearance of the shoulder, hips, shoulder blades and ribs. A difference in the space between the arm on one side of the body may appear larger compared to the opposite side.

Adolescence is the most common time scoliosis is diagnosed and it’s lengthy existence puts these patients at risk for even more side effects. For these patients the condition can lead to osteoarthritis and degenerative changes in the spine hips and knees. For some function of the organs can also be affected.

As you read this long list of side effects a scoliosis patient faces it’s not surprising that some patients look for alternative treatments. If you’re wondering about alternative treatment options give us a call at the Scoliosis Treatment Clinic in Lakeland, Florida.

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