Scoliosis And Leg Length Discrepancy

Scoliosis And Leg Length Discrepancy

For those diagnosed with scoliosis they often wonder about the causes of this often painful condition. Sometimes it can be caused by or exacerbated by a leg length discrepancy. Leg length can be a true difference in the length of legs or the result of pelvic tilt.

In order to make a determination the doctor will have the patient lie on their back then measure from the ASIS (a bony landmark in front of the hip) to the medial malleolus (the inner ankle bone) of the same leg. After comparing the measurements of both legs it can be seen it a discrepancy exists.

Causes of leg length inequality/discrepancy

A congenital condition, one or more fracture(s) or bone infection could account for leg length discrepancy. Leg length discrepancy may be due to pelvic tilt caused by muscle imbalances. Whether true or apparent the implications are the same by affecting a person’s gait which will cause knee, ankle and hip dysfunction. Functional scoliosis could also result and if the cause is not addressed, the scoliosis could become structural.

When a patient has either structural or functional scoliosis along with a leg discrepancy, spinal and rib cage muscle imbalances are apparent and should be addressed. Also any decision to prescribe a heel lift requires careful thought as it could feed into the progression of the curve. As this article shows the cause of scoliosis are varied and the utmost care needs to be taken so treatment does not cause increased curvature.

Should a patient’s curvature becomes so advanced that bracing or surgery is prescribed they may find themselves looking for alternative treatments options. The Scoliosis Treatment Clinic in Lakeland Florida offers just such an alternative for those diagnosed with this condition and having great results. Call and book your appointment today to discuss how our scoliosis treatments work.

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