Pain Relief for Scoliosis

Pain Relief for Scoliosis

scoliosis-pain-reliefFor those diagnosed with scoliosis it affects their quality of life in numerous ways of which pain is the most prevalent. While the pain may not occur on a daily basis when present it can be quite debilitating.

Often over the counter painkillers are effective in relieving the pain caused by the unnatural curvature of the spine. Some sufferers will need stronger medication to keep the resulting pain at a manageable level. There are others who receive a local anesthetic or steroid injection to manage their pain.

Treating The Cause

Medication is primarily a way to provide those diagnosed with some relief caused the the curvature of the spine. Paracetamol and ibuprofen do nothing to address the source of the pain which is the muscle imbalance caused by the patient’s spinal curve. In order for those who have developed this condition to deal with the pain they would need pain medication on a daily basis.

A lifetime of pain medication is not the best way to treat the pain experienced by patients with this chronic condition. Traditional treatment has been spinal fusion surgery which involves attaching rods to the patient”s spine using hooks and screws to lessen the curvature then a bone graft in the hope it will prevent further curvature from occurring. Back bracing is another method used with scoliosis sufferers report it to be uncomfortable and cumbersome. The choice has been between discomfort or undergoing surgery with all the risks that come with any surgical procedure followed by a long recovery period.

The good news is at The Scoliosis Treatment Clinic we offer a third option to treat those diagnosed with scoliosis. Patients from all across the United States and even farther away receiving treatment at our clinic in Florida have found relief when working with Dr. Barker and his team. Contact our clinic to learn more about this new way of dealing with scoliosis.

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