Meet Dr. Barker

Meet Dr. Barker

Barker PhotoDr. Chris Barker is a speaker, doctor and specialist in scoliosis. He is well known for helping people throughout the world find alternative treatments for spinal problems without the use of drugs or surgery.

Dr. Barker was born in Long Island New York. He graduated from Palm Beach Atlantic University with a pre-med degree, originally pursuing a career in dentistry. Growing up he was an avid skateboarder riding for many teams, filming videos and competing in contests. As you can imagine skateboarding is extremely rough on your body. In his late teens he started to have back pain eventually taking an x-ray and finding out he had minor scoliosis. The classic options were given to him, watch and wait until it grew bigger. Eventually they would recommend a hard brace and finally surgery if needed. Refusing to accept just watching his curve get worse, he researched alternative treatments and stumbled upon this type of scoliosis treatment program. After just a few months of care his curve decreased drastically with subsequent pain diminishing. He then decided this is what he wanted to do to help others facing scoliosis. He went on to finish his doctorate of Chiropractic at Palmer College Of Chiropractic located in Florida. Married to his wife Ashley, he was able to help her scoliosis that she developed after a skiing accident.

Dr. Barker is now a leader is his field. He is constantly training on the most cutting edge procedures and treatments to reduce scoliosis. He is certified in spinal correction, which he teaches to other doctor’s. His passion is people and seeing them get their lives back by overcoming their scoliosis.

These before and after x-rays are of my wife and I. This program has changed my life immensely. I have tested and perfected the process, so you too can experience these types of lasting results. So whether you have a small scoliosis or a very large one, these procedures will help to reduce your curves quickly and efficiently.
-Dr. Barker




Dr. Barker

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