Famous People Who Have Scoliosis

Famous People Who Have Scoliosis

scoliosis-lakelandA scoliosis diagnosis can happen to anyone rich or poor with 4% of the population being affected. Even famous people you may not be aware of experience the same chronic pain and issues as everyone has to deal with.

Some famous people who have dealt with scoliosis and how their life has been affected by this condition are:

Usain Bolt

As a holder of six Olympic gold medals most recently the 2016 Games in Brazil it may come as a surprise this Jamaican runner has scoliosis. He has said his curved spine severely affected his earlier career and yet that did not deter him. Bolt found as he grew so too did the problems the scoliosis was causing did as well. Being an athlete he has found through exercise and keeping his core and back strong the condition is not a factor in his performance.

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Known for her leading role in “ Buffy The Vampire Slayer “ Gellar grew up with scoliosis. She still experiences issues with the condition today but finds through exercise, specifically a treadmill and Pilates it is possible to deal with the spinal curvature.

Kurt Cobain

Lead singer for the grunge band Nirvana is famous as much for his tragic suicide in 1997 as his music. Cobain apparently suffered with pain throughout his lifetime from the scoliosis he developed in junior high school. The weight of the guitar he began playing at that time caused the curvature to grow further. Although Cobain credited this pain as adding to the band’s music he did seek treatment with a chiropractor.

Surgical treatment is the most common way to deal with this debilitating condition depending on the severity of the curve. Like the well known people mentioned here some people are finding success with exercise.

At the Scoliosis Treatment Clinic in Lakeland we offer exercise based options for those patients seeking alternative treatment for their scoliosis.

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