Is There A Cure For Scoliosis?

Is There A Cure For Scoliosis?

lakeland-scoliosisAdolescence can be a very difficult time in a child’s life and is the most common time that scoliosis appears. Some people can experience symptoms at other times in their lives and as old age approaches ageing bodies can develop this condition. Rare cases of babies being born with a curved spine do occur caused by poor development in the womb.

Is There A Cure?

Treatment options do exist but their aim is to alleviate the patient’s pain as there is no cure for this condition. The large majority of cases (80%) are of unknown cause or idiopathic in nature. Researchers in Japan believe they have uncovered the gene that can kick start the genetic chain reaction which leads to a person developing scoliosis. This would be an important discovery considering 4% of the population are diagnosed with this debilitating disease.

Treatment Options

With no cure available the standard treatment to correct the curvature has been bracing or surgical intervention. Bracing consists of the patient wearing a hard body brace for as much a 12 hours a day in the hopes of correcting the curvature. Spinal fusion surgery involves inserting a metal rod along the patient’s spine to correct the curvature. Recovery can take up to a year as well any surgical procedure carries the risk of infection, blood clots and/or damage to nerves.

It’s not surprising when a patient hears these options many take to the internet looking for alternative treatments. Exercise and the many benefits of being fit has been embraced by many people to combat their sedentary life. Are you aware that many patients with scoliosis have turned to exercise as an alternative to treat their condition.

Patients from all over the country and as far away as South America travel to the Scoliosis Treatment Clinic in Florida looking for alternatives to invasive surgery. Dr Barker has successfully helped many of those diagnosed with scoliosis, every journey begins with that first step so take yours and call the Scoliosis Treatment Clinic today.

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