Corrective Program

Corrective Program

If you’re reading this, chances are you are looking for different options regarding a spinal issue. Whether you have been diagnosed with scoliosis or other spinal issues, there are options available to reach favorable outcomes. Getting such a life-changing diagnosis can feel very discouraging, but we want you to know there is hope! We have treated hundreds of cases and understand it affects your overall health, longevity and quality of life. If you could reduce or prevent these changes, would you? With our protocols, we can reduce these problems naturally, leaving your entire body functioning better. If you have been living with this diagnose for years or just weeks, we know you are looking for answers. What caused this? What are my treatment options? Unfortunately, mainstream treatment options are invasive, lacking permanent favorable outcomes. You’re probably wondering if your only choice is constant drug use or eventually surgery. You’re wondering if instead of just living with this, if there is some other option available to get your life back. I want to let you know there is! For years I suffered with a spinal injury. I felt hopeless and disempowered. These programs changed my life, and I want to give others the same opportunity I was given. Everyone should know all their options. This page will answer many of your questions. We will explain the methods used during treatment so you can feel confident in making the best decision for your diagnosis. You will see amazing x-ray transformations and testimonials from patients of all ages and walks of life. I hope this information is not only informative, but empowering to take back control of your life.

-Dr. Barker


What to Expect Going Through Our Program

STOP Scoliosis Progression & Take Back Control Of Your Life

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Two Treatment Programs

There are two different programs we offer. After the doctor reviews your case he will determine which program is right for you.


Accelerated Scoliosis Treatment Program

This will be recommended if you live more than 45 minutes from our clinic. This scoliosis program is a 1 week treatment plan for spinal curvatures 25 degrees or less, and a 2 week plan for moderate to severe curves. Accelerated care treatment for scoliosis generally provides great results in the least amount of time. It is characterized by 5 to 10 days of treatment (not including weekend’s) with each day’s treatment time lasting anywhere from 4 to 6 hours a day.


Standard Scoliosis Treatment Program

This is offered to patients who live close enough to the clinic to allow for frequent weekly appointments. This program is essentially the same treatment as the Accelerated Care option, except the patient is seen 3 times a week over the course of a 4 month period.

After the end of both initial programs, patients will be given a custom home rehabilitation protocol designed to maintain the gains achieved during treatment while increasing spinal stability.


Patient undergoing scoliosis curve reduction


Patient Using torso trainer to reduce curve and retrain and strengthen postural muscles


Patient using the Scoliosis Chair for curve reduction

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