An iPhone App That Tracks Scoliosis

An iPhone App That Tracks Scoliosis

Mobile apps for almost everything are available including health and medical tracking. Dr Kevin Lau, a renowned chiropractor from Singapore has developed an iphone app capable of tracking a person’s scoliosis.

Essentially a smart, digitized scoliometer, Dr Lau was one of the first in Singapore to provide nonsurgical treatment for the condition. Dr Lau explains how the app works:

Scoliotrack helps measure how much rotation is in a spine. When a spine curves for example as a person bends forward the ribs on one side should protrude. Doctors use a device called a scoliometer which is essentially what the iPhone app is. The app has the added benefit of tracking and saving certain data in your iPhone including your age, weight, height and a picture of your back.”

Using scoliometer the patient can track the curvature in their spine from month to month by using the iPhone accelerometer just as a doctor would with a scoliometer.

The advantages are immeasurable with no unnecessary xrays bombarding your body with poisonous radiation and in the comfort of your own home or even on the road you will have the tools to give yourself an examination. Readings are organized chronologically and can easily be visualized without having complex medical knowledge.

Patients diagnosed with scoliosis have options that don’t include surgery which carries certain risks and often followed by a long painful recovery. At the Scoliosis Treatment Clinic in Lakeland, we offer alternative treatments. Contact us today to arrange an appointment.

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