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Welcome Letter from the Scoliosis Treatment Clinic

drbarker-home-315Hello and welcome to the scoliosis treatment clinic in Lakeland Florida. We are proud to be one of the largest alternative treatment clinics in Polk County. Our scoliosis Chiropractors and Doctors have been treating patients suffering from this curvature of the spine for many years now.

Although we are located in Lakeland, we have had the pleasure of working with patients from as far away as California and even South America. Scoliosis patients around the world are looking for an effective treatment alternative to the current treatment approaches of spinal bracing and spinal fusion surgery.

The treatment programs we offer, focus on the reduction and stabilization of scoliotic curvatures; however, they also focus on hope, opportunity, and empowerment of the patient. Scoliosis is a disease that affects the patient physically, emotionally, and mentally, as well as placing enormous emotional strain on the family as a whole.

We recognize that the patient is more than just a crooked spine on a set of x-rays. Each patient is a person with a life and a family that has supported them on their search for help. The disease has a way of emotionally and/or physically victimizing each patient. This program can restore lost hope, strength, and spirit. Don’t let a lifetime be defined by scoliosis. We can show you how to fight back and win. If you have a herniated disc, require neck or back surgery, then we can help you as well.

I encourage you to browse the website and see all the newest options available for scoliosis reduction. Read, watch and see story after story of patients that took action and began to transform their scoliosis. It is the mission to provide hope and lasting results to people of all ages and walks of life. Don’t lose hope. Welcome to our clinic!

Committed to Excellence,
Dr. Barker

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"I can't say enough about Dr. Barker and how he's helped me overcome my lower back due to my scoliosis. Whatever "health issues" you have, I would highly suggest going to see Dr. Barker and his team to help you. I will continue to recommend them to my family, friends and anyone else I see that needs their help!"
Melissa Gutentag
"Absolutely the BEST!! Love Dr. Barker and his amazing staff. I am a mother of four and we all see Dr. Barker! One child has scoliosis and he was able to help reduce her curve. So thankful that we were referred to this practice. They are committed to their patients."
Tamara Crim
“I had scoliosis which was causing back pain and frequent headaches, also numbness in my hands and feet when sitting for some time. My wife had nagging back aches and our 10 year old’s left hand would sometimes go numb from possible excessive video game use. Since starting care here we have all seen huge improvements in our family’s health. My posture is now much better and I am even a little taller since starting care here. My wife has found relief from her back pain and my 10 year old no longer has numbness since getting adjusted. The rest of my children are on a maintenance program to keep them from experiencing the problems that we have dealt with. We are blessed to be here”
Frankhouser Family
"The staff is extraordinarily intentional and kind. Not to mention I had slight scoliosis when I started and my spine has straightened completely after going for a few months. Highly recommend this place!"
Rachel Tackett
"When I first met Dr. Barker, I had headaches all day, everyday along with chronic neck pain. I went through the intensive care plan and became pain free! I have had nothing but great experiences here at New City Chiropractic! I wouldn't want anyone else taking care of me! I am so blessed to be able to have this kind of care."
Morgan Richards
"The staff and people are wonderful and the treatment has be fantastic! I have always been a regular with chiropractors, but this is the first time the problem has been fixed! I can't remember my neck and back feeling this good for this long! You owe it to yourself to feel better."
Paul Yamilkoski

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